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Lash Care & Tips

How do I take care of my lashes?

Butterfly Babe Cosmetic lashes can be used up to 15-30 times with the proper care. The process of washing our lashes is a simple yet effective way to keep your lashes looking fresh and new for a long time.

Step 1 - With clean washed hands or a pair of tweezers, carefully pull off as much lash residue that you can from the corners and center of the lash band. 

Step 2 - Run the lash under warm water, trying to focus more on the band. With a q-tip or fingers gently tug on the remaining glue until the band is clean.

Step 3 - Lastly place the lash on a flat surface and run a spoolie brush through the lash hair until smooth. 


How do I apply my lashes?

Butterfly Babe Cosmetic lashes have a flexible band that makes it easy for application. Our lashes come with a larger band to fit all eye shapes.

Step 1 - Put the lash up to your eye and see if the band is longer than your eye. If so, with a pair of scissors trim off the excess lash to make it the perfect fit for you.  

Step 2 - Always make sure to have good lash glue! For beginners it is recommended to go for a clear glue for a mess free look. We recommend the duo brush on glue, its cheap and beginner friendly. 

Step 3 - Apply glue along the band of the lash, make sure the whole band is covered. We recommend to let the glue sit for 30-60 seconds, this will make application easier. Make sure the glue is not wet or dry but sticky before applying it to the eye.

Step 4 - With a pair of tweezers, grab the lash as close to the lash band as possible and bring it close to your eye. The tweezers will make it easier to place and maneuver the lash.

Step 5 - In front of a mirror, apply the band to the middle of your eye first, as close to your lash line (where your eyelashes grow) as possible. Once its stuck to the middle, stick the two remaining sides to the rest of the lash line. EXTRA TIP: Tilt your head up for a better view of the lash line.

Step 6 - Make sure the whole lash is is stuck on your eye and comfortable overall. For any questions you can email us at, dm us at butterflybabeco on instagram, or click the chat icon on the bottom corner of our page! We are always here to help. 


Why should I buy Butterfly Babe Cosmetic lashes? 

1. Lashes can enhance your eye shape or make you look amazing with a bare face or minimal makeup on. 

2. Lashes are perfect for those days when you want to look put together and like you tried, when in reality you're wearing the same shirt you slept in.

3. Lashes can make you look more youthful and fun, without getting surgery.

4. Lashes draw attention to your best features, and add dimension to your face structure. 

5. You'll always be camera ready. Makeup wears off and can sometimes look blotchy, but our lashes will keep your eyes looking amazing all day.