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Bienvenido a Butterfly Babe Cosmetics

Butterfly Babe Co. es orgánico, sin crueldad, hecha a mano y empacada a mano con amor y cuidado. Compre haciendo clic en los productos a continuación o en el menú principal <3
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  • Instagram: @butterflybabeco

Tag us on Instagram to be featured on our website!

Instagram: @butterflybabeco

Why Butterfly Babe?

Beauty supply stores sell sticky, drying lipglosses, leave those strings when you separate your lips and can leave a white cast on yours lips. Lashes are sold at either end of the spectrum; super low quality, cheap false lashes or paying lash techs $100+ for good quality individual lashes. High quality skin care products are incredibly expensive around $30 per product which can really make the pockets hurt.

Our sole purpose is to enhance natural beauty and make our customers feel comfortable in their own skin at an affordable price. As a glasses and contact wearer I wanted lashes that would make me feel comfortable, pretty and confident as I do with my glasses on. And I wanted lipglosses that were moisturizing, non-sticky, and fit all skin tones. Butterfly Babe Cosmetics promises to deliver on all of these expectations while still being high quality and affordable.